About Us

Nanosai is a joint venture between UK based Zaiku Group and Denmark based Jenkov Holding ApS, with both parent companies providing team members and other resources from UK and Denmark respectively. Our brand name was inspired from traditional Japanese weapon called sai that originates from Okinawa.

The genesis of Nanosai goes back to January 2015 as a collaboration on a very bold and ambitious project called “The Grid” between Jenkov Aps and Zaiku Group. The Grid addresses the biggest problems with The Web, both at data, protocol and architecture levels as summarised in our free eBook The Grid Vision. Although we have evolved a lot over the past three years, our core vision remains the same and that is reflected on the projects we are currently working on, novel solutions we have come up with, and the experiences we have made along the way. Focus will be on the parts of the project that are about Internet application architecture, including our solutions to support the new architecture suggestions. Part of these solutions are released as open standards and open source software.