What We Do?

Our mission is to create a plug'n play realtime data intelligence ecosystem which is very easy to use, supports a wide variety of data intelligence use cases, and has high performance and scalability.

In order to achieve the mission we need a smarter, faster and more versatile Internet than The Web. Our vision for such an Internet is called The Grid. The Grid consists of a new, extensible set of Internet communication protocols targeted at specific semantic use cases. The Grid also comes with a compact, fast and versatile allround binary data format.

The Nanosai journey started in 2015 with an idea to create a backend as a service company with a more coherent architecture than found at bigger cloud companies. Over time we have focused in on data intelligence use cases, as we found these use cases most interesting, and most unsupported by today's cloud landscape. The company was formally incorporated in November 2017 as a joint venture between UK based Zaiku Group and Denmark based Jenkov Holding ApS.

Founding Team

Business Lead
Lead Architect
Cybersecurity Lead
Lead Developer

Collaboration Partners

Smart Cities & Internet of Things
Realtime Factory Data Streaming
Distributed Systems Security

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