Research - Smarter, Faster Distributed Systems

At Nanosai we are engaged in research into the many different aspects of smarter, faster distributed systems. Our research spans:

The result of our research is typically technology suggestions and / or implementations. We make those results available in several forms:

  • Articles and videos
  • Open standards
  • Open source implementations
  • Ready-to-use applications
  • Software as a service
  • Consulting services

Most of the above forms will be free, but in some cases we have to added a commercial level to help us bootstrap the projects since we are not VC backed (yet). For instance, software as a service gives us hosting costs which we need to cover. The articles and videos are intended to explain what a given research area is studying, and what problems they are addressing etc. The open standards are available for anyone to apply, if they see fit. The open source implementations will often make it easier to use the open standards. Then you don’t have to implement the low level code yourself.

The ready-to-use applications will make it even easier to test a given research result, standard, technology etc. as you just have to install the application and start testing it. The software as a service is for those who decide to apply the technology and want as little hassle in the process as possible. The consulting services are for those who want us to help them apply our research results in their technology stacks and / or internal systems.