The data intelligence studio for insights that matter.

Nanosai Studio is a desktop app that makes it easy to analyze various data sets - yours, ours or third party data sources. Example use cases include:

Startup Intelligence

Nanosai Studio can track various KPIs of startups, and dramatically simplifies the data analytics infrastructure required to analyse and visualise data from a variety of sources and formats.

DevOps Monitoring

Monitor your development process, build servers, application servers and other infrastructure components.


Nanosai studio can help pure play ecommerce retailers make sense of their data to optimise product offering by tracking orders and analyse KPIs etc.

Agile Project Boards

With a stream of changes to a project, you can draw both a picture of how the project looks right now (after all changes applied), but also what it looked like in the past, like after 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months etc.

Public data board

Collects information about the state of various nations such as; pollution, economic growth, unemployment, crime levels etc.


Nanosai Studio can track the exchange rates of various crypto currencies. Extensive study of the past behaviour of crypto market can provide crypto traders and analysts with extraordinary insights.

Easy install for users on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.