Current Ecosystem Tools

  • Studio

    Nanosai Boards

    Nanosai Boards is a new type of Internet client designed for use cases standard web browsers do not support that well.

    A core use case is the creation of information boards combining data from different sources into a single coherent board.

    Going forward, Boards will especially target use cases around the Internet of Data and the Internet of Services which we believe will make up the core of the future Semantic Internet.

    Currently Nanosai Boards is only available for Windows 10, but we will be supporting Mac and Linux in near future. After downloading the zip file, unzip and navigate to the folder and then double click "run-latest". You may get a warning from Windows advising against running, please ignore and run it anyway.

    Download Nanosai BoardsBETA
  • Streams

    Nanosai Streams

    With Nanosai Streams developers can write anything to a stream as messages. The messages are stored in order, and can be read and re-read in the same order as many time as needed.

    Think of Nanosai Streams as a simplified version of Kafka. Interesting use cases includes measuring uptime / downtime of your servers at regular intervals and write the status to a stream. Connect to the stream from Nanosai Boards to visualize the uptime / downtime statistics.

    Try Nanosai Streams PRIVATE BETA